Frequently Asked Questions

2. Why do people prefer guest houses over hotels?

This question is best answered directly through our guest reviews.

Taj Bengal, ITC Sonar, The Sonnet Hotel, Swissotel Kolkata - the City of Joy has as many options to offer as any major city of India does. But while hotels have pioneered the tastes of travellers over the last century, certain basic human needs of guests have found themselves eclipsed under the modern approach. This is also why the hospitality sector is beginning to see a new trend.

A corporate guest house knows that each day at office brings its own set of issues and requirements, and provides a personalized service that is essential to create a relaxed, casual atmosphere after an entire day of formal procedures at work.

To put it into perspective for you, let us consider one of the central pillars of a good stay – food. Our guest house differentiates itself from other service apartments or hotels in Kolkata through service that is:

a. Fast – A guest house has a lower Order Execution Timing, unlike hotels where even a cup of tea usually takes 30 minutes or more.

b. Flexible – You may get a craving for kadak chai while someone else requires a little seasoning to suit a bad throat . . . the list is endless and we are here to serve it all.

c. Adaptable – Too frequent travels and erratic schedules imply that timings and services need to be continually adjusted. To ensure warm dinner at in the middle of the night requires a willing staff available 24X7 and easily accessible to each and every guest IN PERSON.

d. Customized – Even the most ordinate menu can begin to look drab and familiar after a while. At Simi International, the unnecessary glam is replaced by a meal system that offers simple varieties "as you prefer".

e. Familiar – You get acquainted with your attendant fairly quickly while he learns your requirements and routines to serve your favourite sweet dish without you having to say-so.

f. Homely – A meal system ensures that you get delicious but healthy food served as much as you desire but without wastage in the name of lavishness. It is ethical and it gets you warm, quality food at the most appropriate price unmatched elsewhere.

g. Social – Your privacy is ensured at all times but an alternative impetus lies for you in how easily you can network with the few other guests at the breakfast table, the corridor or the lobby. Different professions, companies or nationalities in a relaxed and casual atmosphere – it is a great opportunity to initiate something special.

In summary, luxury may not always be comfortable. Laundry service is hardly of use if the pick-up and drop timings are fixed at 10:00 in the morning while your stay is just for the night. This is where our guest houses in Kolkata position themselves in prioritizing your individual needs and pleasure practically rather than showing them off to no actual effect.