The Company

There’s a story - "A hotel once faced constant complaints about guests having to wait a long time for the elevator to arrive. Their solution: They hung a mirror near the elevator door."

Catering to the actual needs of guests, no matter how unexpected they are, always matters more than expensive provisions that we do not really require. So at Simi International, we asked ourselves what most corporates guests all across the globe require in common during an average day.

The answer is just like that mirror. And while it continues to make all the difference to those seeking anything from bed & breakfasts to luxury hotels in Kolkata, it is now our little trade secret, available at all times just for you.

Our History

Simi International was founded in 2003 as a service apartment in Kolkata optimized for the corporate. The need developed when Mr. Upadhyay, its founding partner, having frequently stayed in star hotels as part of his work tours, realized that Corporate Hospitality neither starts nor ends at the mere provision of opulence - some of the most elegant luxuries on offer may count for nothing if there is neither time nor energy to enjoy them after a hard day’s work.

Simi International is a corporate guest house chain in Salt Lake - the corporate hub of Kolkata near the NSCBI airport. It is over a decade of thinking in a guest’s shoes that has helped us to continuously learn the importance of little details that cater to your expectations - be it our upbeat odd-hour service, round-the-clock security, a clean and hygienic ambience or the certainty of sumptuous food any time you want it - perfect ingredients of warm hospitality.

After all, when you return from project work at 2 AM, a 24-hours swimming pool or coffee shop is of no use; availability of fresh, hot food is. We call it Useful Luxury. This is what makes corporate hospitality a delicate art and such precision has helped us expand to cover all your accommodation needs with our excellently reviewed triumvirate of The Executive and more recently, The Imperial embellished for higher tastes. Conveniently located in central, yet peaceful areas, our guest houses in Salt Lake, Kolkata strike a niche in the domain of star hotels and service apartments.

"We focus on the satisfaction of our internal stakeholders and it inspires them to treat the guests alike."

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Abhay Upadhyay

Founder, Partner

Atithi Devo Bhavah

Our Vision

To establish the niche of Useful Luxury in Corporate Hospitality as a benchmark of sustainable living for the future – a future where luxuries are provided to actually benefit the guests and not just to enhance the image of the host.

We envision a simple future where travelling executives experience the elegance & quality of hotels and the homely comforts & convenience of guest houses under one roof.

Our Mission

To make the word “tour” synonymous with Simi International among all corporate benches. We rely on nothing but your experience with us and our mission is truly accomplished if your stay in our guest houses in Salt Lake, Kolkata, serves as a future benchmark anywhere you go.

Our Values

Our values define our approach to business and to building lasting relationships with our guests.

Ethics – A necessary prerequisite for sustainable success, our allegiance to ethics has only grown stronger with time.

Transparency – Transparency implies constant visibility into everything we do, which in turn implies that we perform consistently at our best.

Commitment – Reflective of confidence in our capabilities, we are here to build lasting relationships with our guests.

Quality – Determines the effectiveness of our relationship expressed through your overall experience which must always surpass our high standards.

Initiative – Foresight into the needs of our guests and the market alone is not sufficient. To lead the way, we must be prepared to set an example.